About Us

Shoemaking for DABLR. is considered a traditional handcraft profession. Since 1992, our shoe manufacturing is time tested by expertise. We follow a supreme discipline when it comes to producing high quality leather shoes through traditional methods, offering great durability, breathability and a comfortable footbed.

Once again, we took on the challenge of producing shoes worthy of admiration instead of standard, low-grade models that hurt your feet. Our mission is to uphold centuries-old traditional craftsmanship and offer it to you at affordable prices.

We go straight to the source, Italy, where dedicated craftspeople have been in the leather industry for centuries, to procure the finest quality leather.

Our shoes are ergonomically designed to ensure that it fits your feet perfectly and gives you optimum comfort whether you are stationary or in motion, keeping your heel in balance and giving your toes excellent freedom of movement. You don’t need to think twice on investing on a pair of DABLR.